Trust Only Woollahra Tyre Garage for eSafety Check

Are you about to renew your vehicle’s registration in Darlinghurst? An e safety check at Woollahra Tyre Garage is what you need to get a pink slip, proof that your car has been checked by a competent professional.

e safety check

Without it, you can’t renew your vehicle’s registration, which will result in a host of problems, including fines.

What is an Australian e safety check?

Vehicle inspection is mandatory to ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy. In Australia, inspections are done on a state by state basis, with each one likely to have different rules since a state or territory has the authority to set its own rules and regulations for vehicle inspections.

In New South Wales, for example, only vehicles that are over five years old need to obtain an eSafety check before annual registration renewal. In the Northern Territory, on the other hand, light vehicles are inspected in their 5thyear, 10th year, and then every year thereafter.

Regardless of the state or territory, an e safety check in Australia is specified as follows:

  • It is designed to ensure a vehicle is ready and safe for the road.
  • Whether or not you need an inspection will be specified in your registration renewal papers.
  • Mechanics must electronically send eSafety check reports to Roads and Maritime Services if a vehicle passes inspection.
  • You will be issued a Repairs Needed report if your vehicle failed an e safety check.
  • You are given 14 days to fix your vehicle, followed by a follow-up check. If the 14 days expire and you still haven’t done repairs, a new eSafety check is required.
  • If you return to the same provider for vehicle inspection where you failed, the follow-up check is free of charge.

Why do you need an e safety check?

A rego inspection, as it is sometimes called, an eSafety check will spare you from a lot of problems.


Failure to register your vehicle comes with fines. If you drive it while it is unregistered, you are looking at huge fines that can run up to $5000 if the matter goes to court.

Safety Issues

Vehicle inspection is the easiest way to know if your car is still worth driving or poses a risk to you and other motorists. If you got into an accident while driving an unregistered vehicle, you will be financially accountable for anyone hurt.

Delays and inconveniences

Unexpected mechanical problems? You didn’t see that coming, did you? If only you had your vehicle checked.

What can Woollahra Tyre Garage do for you?

Their services extend beyond a standard eSafety check so you’re guaranteed a roadworthy vehicle after they are through with it. Some of the services they provide are wheel tensioned by hand, spare tyre pressure check, all surfaces cleaned and all bolts greased, and setting tyre pressure according to vehicle specifications.

The garage has a team of professionals with a keen eye for the smallest of details. This guarantees no problem would not be identified and then fixed.

So if you want to find Australian e safety check you can completely rely on, have your vehicle inspected at Woollahra Tyre Garage.

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