How to Move Your Large Home Appliances

There is lots of heavy lifting involved when it comes to furniture removals in Sydney. The jobs can be so difficult and strenuous that you are left with little choice other than to hire a professional furniture removalist to help you along. This is especially the case if you will be moving large appliances such as pianos, flat screen TVs, refrigerators, washing machines etc from one home to another. You have to make sure you are doing this job both safely and efficiently.

Heavy household appliances are some of the heavyweight contenders alongside sofas, desks, wardrobes and closets when it comes to furniture removals in Sydney. There are plenty of risks involved when it comes to moving these items. On the one hand, you could injure yourself in the process of moving heavier items but you could also inflict certain costly damages if these items are not packaged well ready for the move. Here are some practical tips on how you can move these items to your new premises safely:


There are several steps that you need to undertake before moving your heavy appliances to your new premises. These include:

  • Have proper equipment for moving your appliances. You must make sure you have the right pieces of equipment that you can use in order to move your heavy appliances. This will make the process easier, safe and minimize damages to your appliances. For example, you can have a wheeled appliance dolly for moving stuff around. Buy furniture blankets that can be used to cover your valuable appliances and offer extra protection. You will also need furniture straps to be used in securing the furniture pieces to the appliance dolly. Lastly, have some sliders that can be used in gliding the heavier equipment on wooden floors during the moving process. Many of the companies providing professional furniture removals in Sydney generally come with these equipment but make sure you inquire about their specialization in heavy appliance removals before you hire them for the job.
  • Have excellent property protection. Because you don’t want to damage the property when moving the heavy furniture pieces, make sure you carry out adequate property inspection such as the flooring of the house. Some of the most delicate flooring include hardwood, vinyl, and tiles. For these, you need to undertake adequate safety measures to ensure they are well-protected. Without adequate floor protection, you may have to carry out costly floor repairs in the home you are moving away from.

Moving Your Freezers

These are amongst the most cumbersome to move. Make sure you have emptied all the contents and even taken out some of the removable parts. Clean it thoroughly and on the moving day, secure the doors in place. The power cord should be coiled and then attached to the back of the fridge with the use of tape. You can also wrap the fridge with moving blankets and ensure these are strapped in place. When moving it or loading it, ensure that it is always in upright position as tilting it too much might cause the leakage of the compressor oil.

Washing Machines

Unplug and empty out all water in the washing machine. Make sure you have secured the hoses and the power cords onto the appliance with a tape. Clean out both the filter and the interior of the washing machine using a dry, soft cloth. Wrap it up with moving blankets and put it on a dolly.

For ease of moving the many other household appliances, make sure you hire professionals who are specialized in the job in order to save time and keep your appliances in the best shape. Visit for more details on how you can move your large home appliances.