How to Choose the Best Brisbane Rims for the Best Price

Did you know that the condition of your tyres’ rims has an impact on the overall health of your car? Driving with damaged rims is costly and poses a risk to you and other motorists. This is why you should get new Brisbane rims to replace damaged ones.

Brisbane rims

Failure to do so is just asking for trouble.

Repercussions of damaged rims

A 2017 Motor Vehicle Census in the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that there were more than 18 million registered motor vehicles in the first month of the year.

In Greater Brisbane, there is 1 registered motor vehicle for all 34.2% of occupied private dwellings, 2 for the 37.3% dwellings, and 3 or more for the 19%.

Even just a small number of these cars can become a danger to the population if they are at risk of a potentially deadly tyre blowout. So why risk it?

Damaged rims will cause…

  • Uneven wear on your tires
  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Tyre blowout
  • Damage to wheels
  • Difficulty in handling your car

The premature wear and tear on your car mean you need to buy a replacement quickly. But a blowout may need more than just a tyre replacement. Worst-case scenario, you will have to replace your car.

This underscores the importance of proactive rim maintenance, starting with buying new rims Brisbane tyre stores offer.

How to choose the best rims Brisbane


If your tyres don’t need replacement, it is important to ensure that the Brisbane rims you buy match the size of the tyres. If you purchase from a reliable store, professional mechanics will help you choose the right rims and then balance the tyres before they are fitted to your car.

Rim material

Rims in Brisbane are made of different materials. But the best kind is aluminium because it contributes to better fuel efficiency.

If durability is what you’re after, however, your best choice is steel rims. As long as your vehicle is not written off, the rims can withstand minor damage and last a long time.


If you want to enhance your vehicle’s cornering ability and grip, you should plus-size your rim and tyres. That is, replace both with the wider or larger version.

There are trade-offs, however. Plus-sizing is expensive. Fuel economy and acceleration will also suffer as the wheels and tyres become heavier.


The reason that plus-sizing has become popular is that it gives a vehicle that badass look and feel. The aesthetic appeal, however, can impact performance as previously mentioned.

If you were to choose between appearance and performance, choose wisely. Even if you know what matters most to you, look at the overall picture. Is bigger really worth compromising fuel efficiency?

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