Fact: You Need a Broker to Buy a Business

Here’s a fact, when you buy a business you would always ask yourself, “Do I need a broker to buy a business”?

Buy a Business

Big or small business brokers Melbourne or other areas has almost always represent a seller. In fact, their fiduciary duty is always to the seller as they are the one paying for a broker’s commission.

This makes using a business broker illogical for someone who is on the market for a business for sale, right? Not exactly.

Melbourne business brokers can still help a business buyer in many ways.

How Business Brokers Help When You Buy a Business

Provide access to business for sale listings

Although there are listing services for businesses for sale, some of them may be offered only through large or small business brokers. Some sellers may want to limit the number of prospective buyers and ensure they are pre-vetted by the brokers themselves.

What if the business you want to buy is exactly what a broker offers?

Aside from a multiple listing services, you should contact business brokers. Check out an association or organisation of business brokers that list down names of these professionals and then get in touch with them.

Serves as a buffer between buyer and seller

Using a business broker is beneficial to a buyer, especially when delivering bad news to the seller. For example, when you want to change or retract your offer.

Since adopting an aggressive position when negotiating may result in a deal falling through, let a business broker deliver the bad news and do what they do best—broker a deal.

Help deal with the paperwork

No matter how small the business you want to buy, the number of documents you need to prepare, chase, and coordinate are astounding.

The data you need from the seller to evaluate the business is just one of the many things you need to gather. You also need documentation that is essential in closing a deal and all the legalese involved.

Using a broker’s knowledge about which documents to prepare to help streamline and smooth out the process will ease the headache that usually comes when you buy a business. They also know how to put all documentation together for better presentation.

Suffice to say that using a business broker as a buyer have merits. But you should choose the right one.

What to Check from a Prospective Business Broker


These days, it’s easy for anyone to create a website and say they work as a business broker. Don’t take their word for it. Ask for proof of previous deals and clients.

Number and Types of Transactions

Have they brokered a business sale or purchase? How many businesses have they helped sell or acquire? How many of these transactions were successful?

Business ownership

A business broker who owns a business, current or otherwise, is likely to be familiar with how the process works. Similar to experience, owning a business is a useful guide.


What kind of business do they specialise? Or do they help sell or buy all kinds of businesses? A specialisation could mean focused knowledge in a targeted business.

Whether you want to buy or are looking for better strategies on how to sell a small business, using a business broker can make a difference. So don’t hesitate to hire one from Connect Business Agents. See more at https://www.connectbusinessagents.com.au/buyer-information/

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